Our Team

Journeys to Remember is coordinated by Samantha Stern and supported by a team of Associates.

We are a group of facilitators, trainers and coaches who live in South Africa and work, play, love and travel the African continent.

Each member of the team also travels regularly between South Africa, Europe and North America.  Our own travel experiences have given us a deep respect and appreciation for both our home and the many places we visit – enabling us to ‘translate’ across a number of geographic and cultural contexts.

(We are also moms and dads with a bevy of wonderful and inspiring children!)

The number of Associates and the nature of their involvement depend on the size of the group and the type of journey.

For the travel-related journeys, we work closely with a range of experienced tour guides and tour operators.

Meet the team


Sam Stern grew up in the UK and then lived, studied and worked in the USA before moving to South Africa 23 years ago.  She has over two decades of experience working in the areas of leadership and personal empowerment, diversity, equity and inclusion, youth development and organisational development. 


Busi Dlamini is a dialogue practitioner focusing on issues of social justice and transformation. She is a cofounding member of Democracy Works, a South African organisation working on citizen participation in deepening democracy. 


Caroline Hopkins has over two decades of experience in facilitating personal and group transformation processes with a diverse range of people, organisations and communities.  


Jenny Parsley grew up in South Africa and lived for some time in the UK and the USA.  She works as a development practitioner, coach, researcher, writer and facilitator.  


Molefi Mataboge is a well-travelled and experienced trainer and facilitator.  He consults to non-profit organisations and government departments, with a particular focus on community and youth development. 


Nicky Vienings has over 20 years of experience working in the areas of coaching, counseling and healing.  A key aspect of Nicky’s work is building the capacity of individuals and communities to act as their own agents of change.


NtombiZandile (Zed) Xaba is a highly experienced trainer and facilitator with expertise in the areas of diversity, team effectiveness, conflict mediation and personal mastery. 


Zini Godden has been working in the fields of organisational development and personal development and leadership for the past 20 years, with a particular focus on facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues, strategic planning and organisational change management.