Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:  More conscious, purposeful and connected citizens of the world.

Our Mission:  To provide opportunities to reflect, reconnect and rediscover.

Our vision and mission are driven by the values in the image above.

Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu word often translated as “I am because we are.”  It is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

In the spirit of ubuntu, we commit to:

  • Supporting public (state-owned) facilities
  • Partnering with locally-owned tour operators, guesthouses and restaurants
  • Using local suppliers
  • Buying locally-made products and merchandise
  • Engaging in animal encounters at sanctuaries that support animal rehabilitation
  • Minimising waste and conserving resources
  • Explicitly recognising and celebrating the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise that exist within our local communities
  • Nurturing young talent