Journeys to Remember designs and facilitates transformative learning experiences — both travel-related and non-travel-related — that provide opportunities to reflect on, reconnect with and rediscover who you are and how you want to be in the world.

The word remember is defined as:  to become aware of again;  to retain in one’s conscious mind;  to commemorate (a person, event, etc.)

The opposite of remember is not merely to forget.  The opposite of remember is to dismember – to tear apart.  

We use the word remember (re-member) to also mean:  to rejoin, to bring back together into greater wholeness; to reconnect

…with self, with purpose, with possibility, with others, with nature, with time and space….

Why go on a Journey to Remember?

So that you can gain a broader perspective, a renewed energy, a greater connection to your purpose, a fresh sense of the contribution you can make to the world and life-long friends and colleagues.

Our facilitation of the learning experience includes:  tools for being present to your experiences while on the ‘journey’; reflections and activities for making meaning of your experiences; and briefing/debriefing circles before, during and after the ‘journey’.

Who Should go on a Journey to Remember?

Journeys to Remember is for any individual or group wanting to reflect, reconnect  and rediscover:

  • Solo ‘travellers’
  • Family members and friends
  • Professionals
  • Academics
  • Students and interns
  • Non-profit, Community-based and Faith-based organisations
  • Corporate companies
  • Affinity groups (groups formed around a shared interest or common goal)

Which Journey to Remember is for You?

We currently offer 3 types of travel-related Journeys to Remember and a wide range of non-travel-related Journeys to Remember.


Journeys with Molefi Mataboge

At the beginning of 2019 Molefi Mataboge  facilitated two journeys – with the Center for Global Education and Envoys. Contact us for more information about creating your own Journey to Remember or participating in a ‘pre-packaged’ Journey to Remember. The Center…


The process was fantastic and excellent for introspection and team building.

International Organisation client

Your questions and insights helped me to see that I am actually a life tourist – rather than a sightseeing tourist.  I am on a journey to ME.

Individual coaching client

This process brought our organisation back from the brink of very deep conflict.  The facilitator skillfully and sensitively created space to build relationships of trust that enabled us to have honest and courageous conversations.  This process offers enormous benefits to working relationships and to personal growth and development.

NGO client

A sneak peak (South African tourism advert, 2017)

Begin your journey now…

watch the videos at the bottom of each page (starting with Vusi Mahlasela’s ‘Say Africa’ below)!