Option 2: Create-Your-Own Journeys

Tailor-made journeys in South Africa to suit your interests and timeframes.

Option 2 Journeys to Remember are designed around a theme of your choice – an issue or a challenge that you want to better understand and work towards addressing.

This could include strategic planning, team building, conflict management, leadership development, personal vision quests, gap-year excursions, wellness retreats – or simply a ‘family and friends’ holiday with a twist.

We can accommodate individuals and groups of up to 20 people.  Dates, timeframes and prices depend upon the nature of your request.  Contact us for more information.

Some sample themes:

  • Conscious Leadership: Remembering the leader within
  • Arts, Crafts and Culture: Remembering the artist (musician, poet, story-teller, photographer, etc.) within
  • Wildlife and Conservation: Remembering our connection to nature (and the animal within)!
  • The Role of Women: Remembering the feminine power within
  • Innovation/Entrepreneurship: Remembering the innovator/entrepreneur within
  • Building Connection and Community: Remembering the ubuntu (humanity) within
  • Food (African flavours and spices): Remembering the chef within
  • Action Adventure: Remembering the adventurer within (bungee jumping, white-water rafting, canoeing, skydiving, abseiling, paragliding, horse-riding, canopy tours through the treetops of an indigenous African forest, etc.)
  • Wellness: Remembering me (my heart, mind and body)!
  • Family and Friends: Remembering us!