Our Approach

Journeys to Remember uses Theory U – a leadership and management practice – to help bring about profound innovation and change at individual, organisational and societal levels.

But Theory U is more than a method for innovation….

It’s also a journey of personal and professional capacity building, designed to keep us grounded in times of increasing complexity and uncertainty; and it’s a set of principles that invites us to design our relationships and our work processes in a different way.

Theory U focuses on two sources of learning:  learning by reflecting on the experiences of the past; and learning from the future as it emerges.

This requires deep listening:

  • Listening to others – to what the people you meet are offering to you
  • Listening to yourself – to what you feel emerging from within
  • Listening to the emerging whole – to what emerges from the collective and community settings that you have connected with

How Theory U works with the 10-day pre-packaged Journey to Remember (Option 1):

u-theory image

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha

Theory U is a body of leadership and management practice drawing from the original work of Glasl and Lemson and subsequent work of C. Otto Scharmer and colleagues.